There is always a little truth hidden in our fantasies

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These are my first three books in an eight book series called Fantasy Revealed. All are in various stages of draft and are subject to change… including the covers.

This is the first book in the series ;

The Seer

Quick is an elf, hiding in plain sight, seeking a Seer on Earth. He needs one to help him stop a seven-planet war. He has searched for seven years and is finally about to find her. But he is unprepared for what he finds, and the trouble she, Elly, brings to his quest. Together, they begin an epic journey across Anormis, the planet of the dwarves. Only one problem, Quick kidnapped Elly to a world about to go to war.

This is the second book in the Fantasy Revealed series;


This book continues the story of Quick and Elly, on a journey to confront Gwydious, an evil wizid. They picked up a few companions on the last planet, Anormis. Sigrid, their female dwarf assassin, offers protection. Borin, a male dwarf, is a friend of Quick’s and a professional thief. Together, the foursome travel across Tuathde, the planet of the Fae. In their travels, they meet and fall in love with Flitter, a warrior class Seelie Fae with a penchant for sarcasm. The Unseelie Fae, lead by a mad fairy named Puckin, are bent on eliminating the growing group, compounding their journey. Gwydious, the evil wizid, watches from afar.

This is the third book in the Fantasy Revealed series;


The growing troop of freedom fighters (led by Quick, or is it Elly now?) resumes the quest on the planet Parianath, the planet of the peaceful Hobbites. There is one enormous problem. An ogre army, led by wizid generals for Gwydious, beat them through the gate. The group, to Quick’s annoyance, ends up helping the hobs (Elly’s nickname for the diminutive folk), delaying their trek to the exit gate. But they now have a sizable weapon, Morgan, a dragon princess, agreeing to accompany them until they reach her world. Just don’ use the word sizable to describe her.

About Me

Hi, I am Steven Marcotte, a retired Manufacturing Engineer, an aspiring Science Fiction/Fantasy author.

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