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This is the first in a three book series,

The Lost Souls of Earth

The tentative title is

Soul Survivors

This book tells the story of an attack by aliens, making the Earth uninhabitable, and the subsequent journey of the survivors. While exploring, they come across a planet attacked by the same aliens, and another race trying to stay alive.

This will be the second book.

The tentative title is

Gypsy Souls

This book continues the story of the Earth survivors, and their search for a new planet to inhabit, while evading aliens hellbent on eliminating them and the hubs, the race they rescued from near extinction. The two races discover a habitable planet, but it only has one small island surrounded by a lot of ocean. A surprise awaits and is discovered, but not till another disaster is encountered.

This will be the third book.

The tentative title is

A Battle of Souls

We discover John, the leader of the surviving humans, has not been killed, but captured by the enemy. Meanwhile, three peaceful alien races struggle to move on, two resuming the search for a place to call home, and the other forced into a new reality where their mostly serene existence in the seas of Oceana is about to change forever. They come face to face with advanced weapons technology…and the war it portends for them.

About Me

Hi, I am Steven Marcotte, retired Manufacturing Engineer, aspiring Science Fiction/Fantasy author.

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A Crooked Path

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This is about a fictional start in life. It is similar to my own.

It is set in the late sixties and early seventies, when one could be stupid and sometimes get away with it.

It is not a recommended path.

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