Steven Marcotte has spent much of his life creating.

As a young lad growing up he created fantasies in his head, escaping a dysfunctional family life.

In his early teens he escaped into fantasy and sci-fi literature.

In his later teens he sought extended family and adventure, often finding trouble instead.

Starting the process of turning himself around he completed a local trade school program, discovering a new way to create, gradually becoming a class A machinist, manufacturing tooling for the rubber products industry.

He also managed to complete a GED program and began taking night classes at Lowell University.

While making tooling, creating and marrying into his family for life, and working overtime to support said family, he continued attending college at night, eventually graduating with honors with a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. Now he could create tooling designs and manufacturing processes, which he did until he retired at sixty, working part time for the next two years writing work instructions.

Though he dabbled in creating art and furniture for himself and his wife something was missing, so he took up writing and found the passion he needed to create.

He has been writing and learning on line how to author sci-fi and fantasy with a touch of romance and a bit of soul.